Water Utilities Group

What is reWater?

ReWater is the name commonly applied to a piped supply of recycled or reclaimed water such as harvested stormwater or treated wastewater.

ReWater is defined as any non-potable reclaimed, recycled or reused water. This may include recycled stormwater, recycled effluent, native groundwater or any combination of these waters. It may also include any combination of reWater with potable water or rain water.

ReWater is generally used for purposes such as irrigation and industrial process water. While safe to use, it is NOT considered suitable for drinking.


What can reWater be used for?

It is suitable for:
Watering lawns, parks and gardens
(including fruit trees, vegetables and flowering plants)
Flushing toilets
Washing cars
Water features or ornamental ponds with no fish
(Note – As is the case with drinking water, reWater is disinfected by a low level chlorination process which may be harmful to fish. Tablets to remove traces of chlorine are available from aquarium suppliers and should be used before fish are released into ponds.)
It is not suitable for:
(or other kitchen purposes such as rinsing vegetables)
Personal hygiene purposes
(including baths, showers, hand basins or bidet)
Indoor cleaning
Recreational activities involving water
(including children playing under sprinklers)
Washing pets
Clothes washing or use in washing machines
Evaporative coolers and air conditioners
Swimming pools and spas